• There are currently around 200 refugees in Beilngries and its seven districts. They come mainly from Syria, Afghanistan and Nigeria. Others originate from Iraq, Sierra Leone, Mali, Palestine, Pakistan, Senegal and Somalia.
  • Approx. 20 refugees are currently attending a German course held by volunteers. A further 50 are being taught by pupils from a secondary school.. 40 are participating in a language course held at an adult education centre.
  • If you would like to get to know the refugees near you or even help out, please get in touch with the supervisors in the old fire service building in Beilngries.
  • There is a social worker on call virtually all day for the refugees of Beilngries, who helps to deal with official matters.  
  • As of 01.03.2016, a supervisor has been doing the full-time task of helping refugees as well as being the contact person for refugees and the local population.